Wednesday, September 12

Sandra Romain Tawdry Threesome

"I love to touch women and make them writhe and moan in ecstasy with my hot mouth and the ministrations of my nimble fingers," says curvy Romanian beauty Sandra. "Seeing Katerina for the first time, I was overtaken by her beauty and I wanted to ravish her. Then she contorted into this almost-impossible position on the set right before we did our threesome scene for Leg Sex Pinups and I got so excited that I creamed my panties," she reveals. "Sandra is a very beautiful woman and her legs are so firm and strong, so I was very attracted to her when I first saw her," says contortionist queen, Katerina Kat. "I was drawn to her full lips and wondered what it would feel like to have them wrapped around my toes or laving my wet pussy until I came in her mouth. I sat in a chair next to her and contorted, putting my legs behind my head and bringing my pussy right up to her eye level. I saw her licking her lips and knew she wanted me, too." "Being with a woman and a man at the same time is the most erotic experience you can have," says Sandra with a smile. "When your face is buried in a sweet pussy and you have a cock buried in your ass, it is the best of both worlds". All of your senses are satisfied. You have something beautiful to touch, taste, smell and see.

Monday, August 6

Sandra Romain Fucked From Behind By A Massive Cock

There's no doubt about it. . . Sandra Romain is a top notch bitch! Check this video out, she's gonna strip tease the fuck out of you for a bit, but don't worry about her man. . . she's a slut and she always puts out! She ends up getting her driveway plowed by Travis Knight in this video and he makes her howl like a dog at the moon!

Monday, May 7

Princess Donna Is Sandra's Electro-Submissive!!

Before leaving the country for good Sandra Romain gives Princess Donna a little going away present, a taste of her own medicine. Princess Donna gets whipped, strap-on fucked, a whole foot shoved in her cunt and shocked with electrical boxes like only Sandra Romain can do it, really hard! If you like seeing doms put in their place, then you will love this shoot!

Thursday, March 29

Sandra Romain Blacks On Blondes

Sandra Romain - quite an interesting gal. As a matter of fact, this is quite an interesting scene. It kinda reminds me of a cocktail: add 2 parts cuckold, one 12 inch dick, and 3 random black guys who wander on set and drop a load into Sandra's mouth. It's a Blacks On Blondes version of a very potent drink! It intoxicated her hubby, it intoxicated our member who's been e-mailing to watch a hot girl get railed by black meat, and it certainly intoxicated Sandra. 4 loads, directly from black dick, down her throat. It made hubby want to give her a big french kiss as a reward... a reward well-earned!

Wednesday, February 21

Wednesday, January 10

Round Romaine Featuring Sandra Romain And Jordan Ashley

Let us tell you about Sandra Romain. Gorgeous and sexy. She's European-born (can you guess by her name where she was born?) and she lives in America. Sandra is one of the hottest women we have ever had the pleasure to invite to the SCORE studio. We placed her in BootyLicious because she has an incredible ass. Big, yet not sloppy. Round and firm and tight yet meaty. The perfect ass? Maybe. Watch that ass get impaled. This is real stroke material for red-blooded, horny men.

Friday, November 17

Sandra's Farm: Princess Donna Called In To Assist!

Part two of Sandra's Farm has the double teaming power of both Sandra Romain and Princess Donna. If you have't seen this shoot before don't miss it this second time around!! It's sure it impress and satiate those Sandra super-fans itching for some more brutal action!! While Princess Donna is in Budapest she decides to travel to Romania to visit her dear friend Sandra. Sandra has many beautiful slaves on her farm and lets Donna take her pick. Together they tie up "the skinny one" and fuck her so hard she forgets her own name! Hot Hot Hot!